The Echoes party bus is rolling up to Stroudsburg, PA. home to the beautiful Sherman Theatre!  Join up to 55 other Floydians as we travel safely and comfortably up to Stroudsburg to visit the areas most historic music venue - The Sherman Theatre!  You can read more about the theatre, including a partial list of artists who have played there, here:


We will ride in comfort in a motor coach leaving from the Frawley Stadium parking lot.  The bus will leave at 5:30 PM, arriving at the Sherman around 7:30, giving you plenty of time to get a beer, take in some history of the historic venue and stake out a great vantage point to watch Echoes, the American Pink Floyd perform their two+ hour set.  Once done, the bus will return you to your car at Frawley Stadium parking lot around 1:00 AM.




Q)  What kind of vehicle will we be riding in?


A)  It will be a comfortable motor coach, size depends on how many people sign up for the trip, up to 60 passengers.  Each person will have their own seat.


Q)  Will there be a bathroom on the coach?


A)  This depends again on how many people sign up to go.  If we get enough people, then we will get a coach with a restroom for your comfort.


Q)  How long is the trip?


A)  Stroudsburg, PA is about 100 miles from Frawley Stadium.  The trip should be around 2 hours.


Q)  I might want to drive myself, can I just show up at the last minute and get on the bus if I decide not to drive?


A)  No, sorry.  We need people to reserve and buy a seat so we get the right sized bus.  Otherwise we could be stuck with a coach too small to hold everyone OR stuck paying for a much larger coach than we need.


Q)  Can I bring beer or wine on the bus?


A)  Yes, you can bring alcohol on the bus for your own consumption.  Echoes will also have a selection of complimentary sodas and water available on the bus for your refreshment.  We ask that you be considerate and take all of your trash with you off the bus at the end of the night.


Q)  Will there be food on the bus?


A)  Yes!  Echoes will provide complimentary subs and chips for your refreshment during the ride up to the Stone Pony.


Q)  Does a ticket on the bus get me into the show?


A)  Yes.  The bus ticket INCLUDES show tickets.  Buy tickets for the bus and you are sure to get into the show for the lowest cost and you are good for the night!


Q)  What if I have already bought tickets for the show?


A)  There is a ticket option that is BUS SEATS ONLY that DOES NOT include show tickets.  If you already have your show tickets, please choose this ticket option instead.


Q)  Can I bring someone underage?


A)  Yes!  The show is all ages so we encourage you to bring your older children.


Q)  Do you have anything planned for the bus ride?


A)  Yes!  We are hoping to be able to show a Pink Floyd movie on the ride up - either the 2017 "David Gilmour Live at Pompeii" DVD or Pink Floyd's "Pulse" DVD.


Venue Details
The Sherman Theatre
524 Main Street, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, 18360, United States
Echoes is a Pink Floyd tribute band, bringing accurate, high quality versions of the original classics to audiences up and down the East Coast. Echoes employs excellent musicians along with the latest technology to give audiences the real feeling of a genuine Pink Floyd concert experience.